Fashion is all about creating unique designs or reinventing the older ones! Whenever we talk about the old fashion designs, the kimono sleeves always pop up in our minds! It’s just because it has been one of the oldest fashion trends and by now, one of the most popular ones as well! That is why it never even went out of fashion and the designers are still reinventing the Kimono sleeves with new designs and patterns! So, why not we just talk about them! In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the kimono sleeves! From where the trend started to how you can style yourself perfectly in the kimono sleeves, we have covered it all for you! So without any delay, let’s get started!


Kimono dress

First things first! If you are new to the fashion industry, you must be wondering what a kimono actually is and what does it mean! So let’s answer this!
A kimono generally means “things to wear”. The trend comes from the Japanese civilization where kimonos were worn since ancient times. The Kimono sleeves follow the same trend, so that is where this name came from! Talking about the kimono sleeves, they are the loose sleeves cut together from both the front and the back with a wider hem and a deeper armhole for ease, comfort, and style. There is generally no shoulder seam and the sleeve runs down directly from the sleeve side seam to the side seam of the bodice. These types of sleeves are mostly worn by young girls because of their ease of wearing and extra comfort.

This short but interesting video shows exactly how a typical kimono sleeve is usually cut.




As we discussed, the trend of Kimono sleeves came from the Japanese kimonos, the traditional dress of this civilization since ancient times.  The history goes back to over thousands of years ago when the tradition was actually originated. Since then, it is worn on all special occasions, wedding ceremonies, or funerals. The modern-day kimono that we see in pictures now, started being worn during the period of 794-1185. This was the Japanese Heian Period when people began to wear it with the hakama (a long skirt similar to the trouser) or mo (a type of apron). Later, the trend of wearing a kimono without a hakama came into fashion, and people began to use wide sash around the waist to hold it up together. This is when the wide sash or obi with a kimono came into origin.

As the western women’s fashion industry began to flourish during the period of 1940s, the kimono sleeves that were previously designed just for the kimonos, came into the trend as a unique entity. In the period of 1950s, the fashionable silhouette with padded shoulders was replaced by the slopping, petite shoulders and later by the kimono sleeves. This was because the design of the kimono sleeves gave a perfect look to the shoulders with a continuous line between the arms and the neck.

The design was also given the name of grown-on sleeves in some books because it was created with the continuous piece of fabric rather than the separate pieces joined together with a seam line running from the top of the shoulder to join the front and back together. In some grown-on sleeves, the gusset panel (a diamond-shaped fabric) was also added in the underarm area for an easy movement.
Later in the 1960s, the kimono sleeve style became very popular and a lot of designs were created out of it. The designs featured kimono sleeves from a tiniest cap sleeve length to the third-quarter length or even longer. Some had the underarm gusset, whereas other didn’t. In short, the kimono sleeves just because too common for a classy everyday look!


The Kimono sleeves reappeared again in the twentieth century with a new modern look. Although not too common now for formal dresses, these sleeves have become a part of everyday wear due to their smooth and elegant effect, and more comfort.




Now before we talk about the different styles of kimono sleeves, let’s tell you something very interesting! In Japanese culture, each type of kimono sleeve has a special meaning! These sleeves indicate the age and also the marital status of a woman. Furisode, which is a colourful kimono with long flowing sleeves, is mostly worn by unmarried young women. The sleeves of Furisode can be up to 18 inches long or even more! On the other hand, the Houmongi and Tomesode are the types of Kimonos that are worn by the married ones. Tomesode kimono is the one with short sleeves whereas the Houmongi is the one with patterned sleeves and is worn mostly on the semi-formal occasions.


In today’s fashion, Kimono sleeves can be designed in 4 different ways:
  • Butterfly sleeves
  • Long sleeves
  • Short sleeves
  • Squared sleeves
Let us discuss each one of them briefly.

Butterfly sleeves:

This style is very popular in Philippines culture. Starting from the shoulder, it becomes wider as it comes down with not more than 5 inches of length.

Long sleeves:

Long kimono sleeves extend even below your wrist. These types of sleeves give a very modern look to your attire.

Short sleeves:

The short kimono sleeves, as the name indicates, are cut just under the shoulder. Some of them are cut in the vertical line to lessen the amount of fabric used, whereas others are cut horizontally to give a blowy and loose look to the sleeve.

Squared sleeves

These are the ones with a straight cut and look just like a T shape.


Talking about the latest fashion trends, how can we even forget about the Kimono jackets? These lightweight cardigan jackets with loose sleeves are so into fashion these days because of their style and extreme comfort! You can mix and match these jackets with anything and everything! From the boho clothes to the daily office wear, the kimono jackets are perfect to carry out a classy, stylish, and fashionable look with ease and comfort at the same time! Here are some of the best looks of this year!
If you are new to this, the best option is to go for a shiny and cool kimono jacket with a monochromatic outfit. It would look amazing with a really cool and sophisticated look! You can also pair up the lightweight elongated kimono jacket with a simple T-shirt and slim jeans! The combo is great for your everyday hang out with friends and family! If you are looking for elegant office wear, you can go for a black kimono jacket with a basic white shirt tucked into black leather pants. An easy-to-go look with class and sophistication at the same time! It is all about mix and match, and that is the best part about the kimono jackets that you can mix and match them with almost everything! Isn’t that just amazing?! You can even try out a knee-length kimono jacket with a skinny belt for a fake dress look. It would look incredibly amazing if you can pull it off right! Also, if you want to add a little femininity to your everyday boyish look, all you need is a sexy kimono jacket and you are all set to go anywhere anytime!


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