What is a puff sleeve?

The Puff Sleeve Trend Never Gets Old

Do you wish to look stylish, classy, and modern at the same time? If yes, then you must go for the Puffed sleeves! Yes, you heard it right! Since the 1980s, the puff sleeves have been into fashion and we have seen lots of iconic personalities carrying them out beautifully in this most classy look! In this article, you will get you to know everything about the puff sleeves, from where this trend started, and most importantly, how you can dress perfectly in the puff sleeves! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

What is a puff sleeve?

A puff sleeve, as the name indicates, is the one in which the top and bottom of the sleeve are gathered to create a puff-like shape or fullness along the arms. The fashion is similar to the one with big sleeves used during the period of the Renaissance. It gives a really classy yet modern look creating beauty in your appearance and grace in your personality. 

The puff sleeves can also be called the puffy sleeves, the puffed sleeves, the leg of mutton, or the Juliette sleeve depending on the look they create. Let us now have a look at each one of these!

Juliet sleeves:

The design of Juliet sleeves is adapted from medieval times. The top part of the sleeve is puffed and it comes down to a tight-fitting along the bottom. The tight part is usually decorated with buttons and laces to create a unique look. The design is most popularly used for wedding dresses.

Puffed sleeves:

These are short sleeves that are gathered from the top to the bottom to give volume to the fabric. Most commonly, the narrow cuff is finished with an elastic for comfort. This style is mostly used by young ladies for their casual outgoing dresses.

Mutton Leg Sleeves:

As the name indicates, the shape of these sleeves resembles that of a mutton leg. It has a voluminous puff along the top shoulder which tapers down along the wrist. It is usually combined with a frill to create a traditional look.

Now that you know the various styles of puff sleeves, let us have a look at when did this trend come to fashion and why does it never get old!


The history of the puff-sleeve trend and why does it never get old:

We all know that the puff sleeve trend has been into fashion since the late 1700s and early 1800s. The style at that time mostly featured voluminous sleeves with the empire waists.

In the mid-1800s, women started to style themselves with puff sleeves raised with hoops, whalebone, and stuffing along with the certain points of the arms. The trend became very popular, and it started to be known as the imbecile sleeve. It even started to get featured in the cartoons due to its increasing popularity around the globe! Later in the 1980s, the trend came back into fashion, and now, it was introduced mostly for a formal look! The puff sleeves look became popularized for the wedding dresses, prom dresses, bridesmaid’s dresses, and for the formal look! Then came the 1990s era in which the puffed sleeves almost disappeared from fashion, except in children’s clothing and it became much less popular in the fashion industry. During the 2000s, the puff-sleeve trend made a comeback again but in a very different way. This time the trend was not just limited to bridal dresses and formal wear, but also casual wear. Even the casual T-shirts and cardigans began to feature the puffy sleeves with volume along the shoulders up to the cuffs. The movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, contributed to the popularity of this trend and it became well known once again in the fashion industry.



Today, the puffy sleeves are quite popular and are used in both formal and casual wear for a feminine and classy look! You can style the puffed sleeves in so many ways to create a gorgeously beautiful look out of them! Let us now help you out with that!


How to wear the puff sleeves dresses?

Now you must be wondering how to style yourself in a puff sleeves dress for a classy, stylish, and unique look! Not to worry. We are here to help you with that! Here are several ways to style yourself in a puff sleeves dress so that you can have a stunning and absolutely gorgeous look for any event, any time! So let's get started!

Puff sleeves for parties and late-night gatherings

Dress yourself up with a sequined, metallic, or simply a black dress with puff dress for a memorable evening out! Short sequined puffed sleeves are so in these days and you just have to choose a perfect collar type to get your desired look! Carry it out with tights underneath to add more class to your look!



Puff sleeves for weddings and formal meetups

You can choose a puff sleeve dress of any vibrant color for the wedding. It’s simple and easy, and doesn’t even require too much of an effort to design a dress like that! For the formal events, you can choose a patterned dress with subtle sleeves for a classy and sophisticated look!

Puff sleeves for everyday casual wear

The puff sleeve dresses are a must-have for a casual, yet stylish everyday look! You can pair them up with heels, ankle boots, or ballet flats, and you are ready to go anywhere anytime!


Puff sleeves for Petite women

For the petite women who love dressing up in puff sleeves, it is a good option to go for the less voluminous sleeves with miniskirts or short length dresses for a sexy and smart look!

Alright, so now that you know how to style yourself in the puff sleeves, what are you waiting for! Get yourself some stylish puff sleeve dresses from sensationallyfabulous.com and you are all set to go anywhere anytime! So hurry up and get started already! Happy Shopping!

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